Composite Fillings

What is a composite dental filling?

A composite filling is a type of dental restoration that is typically used to repair a tooth affected by mild to moderate tooth decay or damage. Composite fillings are created from composite resin, which is available in a variety of shades; this allows Drs. Sam and Melanie Huckabee to match the color of the filling to the natural shade of your tooth for an aesthetic, natural-looking restoration. For this reason, composite fillings are sometimes called tooth-colored or white fillings. In addition to being very natural looking, composite fillings are also a long-lasting choice for repairing your tooth and restoring your smile.

Do I need a composite dental filling?

If a tooth has a cavity or suffers from minor fracturing, our experienced dentists may suggest a composite filling. To restore the tooth, we will remove the decay or damage, clean the tooth, and place the composite resin in the space that is left. Drs. Sam and Melanie Huckabee will carefully sculpt the resin to fit the contours and shape of the tooth and your bite. When the filling is ready, we will harden it with a special light. For more information on composite fillings and our options for restoring your oral health, we invite you to contact us at Huckabee Family Dentistry today.

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