Root Canal Therapy

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used when a tooth’s pulp and nerves have become damaged or infected. To restore the health of the tooth and prevent infection from spreading, we will remove the infected tooth nerves and dental pulp. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and filled with a medicated material. Finally, we seal the tooth with a dental crown or filling to restore its function and shape.

Does a root canal hurt?

If infection goes untreated, the tooth may die and require removal. Our skilled dentists may recommend a root canal in order to avoid these consequences. You may need root canal therapy if you suffer from the symptoms of tooth infection, which can include persistent tooth pain, extreme tooth sensitivity, and swelling and tenderness in the gums.

Do I need a root canal?

Drs. Sam and Melanie Huckabee are committed to providing you with a dental experience that is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We take the necessary steps, including local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation (if desired), to make a root canal as painless as we can. To learn more about how root canal therapy can benefit your oral health, we welcome you to call us at Huckabee Family Dentistry. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health!

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